13MP HDMI 1/3inch CMOS HD VGA Digital Industry Video Inspection Microscope Camera Set+100X C mount Lens+56 LED Light+table stand

electric clock movement, binding terminal

Counter Portable

Clamp needle. Cotton blend. Us/eu plug. Dcs amplifierWorking voltage: Inner cup. Stm32f103c8 development board. 2 x aaa battery. Temperature pid control. Lcd digital display: Dc voltage range: 

Accuracy Temperature

See description. Wholesale 26v dc power supply. Cpu diy. 99.99hz / 999.9hz / 9.999khz. Powered by : Wholesale lora esp32 oled. R8 battery. Crocodile clip. Dc: 600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v ac: 6v/60v/600v/750v. Off/ on. -20c~1000c  ±(2.0%+3). Dc voltage. Drum sticks holder bag. B0153 dt9205a multieter. Light ring. Yt163. 4nf-200uf. Digital tester. 

Automatic Instrumention

20ua / 200ua / 2ma / 20ma / 200ma / 2a / 20a. 0.250kg (0.55lb.). Detector. Calendar. 1a0662. Digital cam. Ut61a ut61b ut61c ut61d ut61e. Digital thermostat. 400ua/4000ua/40ma/400ma/4a/10a. Input voltage: Gross weight: : 62x34mm. 20ma to 65a. Ootdty. Lcd multimeter. Certificate : 

Level Fuel Gauge

Waterproof dustproof anti-corrosion. 7.9*4.30*2.4cm. Infrared digital thermometer babyLower temperature alarm: 200, 2k, 20k, 200k, 2m, 20m, 200m, 2000m. Package: Humidity measurement range: :600ua/6000ua/60ma/600ma/10a. 195mm(h) x 70mm(w) x 33mm(d). 220mv/2.2v22v220v/1000v. Panel meter 3 digit. 4000lux / 40000lux. 200ohm / 2kohm / 20kohm / 200kohm / 2mohm / 20mohm. Probe ford. 200v to 600v. Type	: 

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