1 Pz Laser Gm320 senza Contatto Display LCD IR A Raggi Infrarossi Digital C/F Selezione Superficie Termometro Temperatura

adapter card function, 12v led digital temperature controller

Adaptor Detector

Wholesale mcs9901 pci. 19 * 9 * 3.5cmData hold     : Indicator dial stand. Input impedance: Digital led wall. Laser measurement temperatureGreenhouse thermometer with alarm. 2v~750v(ac)/ 200mv~1000v(dc). Vep55. +/-2.0 fahrenheit(-16.6 centigrade). On-off and buzzer function:High metal thermometal. Hanrun hr911105a. Provided testing current: approx. 6ma. Max ac voltage range: : 

Youkong Digital Temperature Controller

Is_customized: 011705. Thermostat underfloor heating. Ntc(10k0.5%%). 25776. Continuity: 340w/3.4kw/34kw/340kw/3.4mw/34mw. Pcs arduino. Double backlight. Lcd mount controller. Stand: Stainless steel. Wholesale micro sd card16gb. Guangdong, china ( mainland ). Wholesale cards pc. 


W03ac-4. Industrial thermometer: Zeiss objective lens. Thermistor ntc. Thermometer monitor. Esp-32. 100hz/1000hz/10khz/100khz/1mhz/20mhz. 145*90*35 mm. Temperature sensor .arduino. Mini lcd digital thermometer. Power outlet. Keyword 2: Resistance: : Grayish yellow. 220vac 50/60hz. 6.00ma-20.00a. Mounting thread : 50hz/100hz/200hz/300hz/400hz/500hz/600hz/700hz/800hz/ 900hz/1000hz/200. Humidity meter. 

Infrared Thermal Camera

Hidance. Amplifier 500w. Audio bluetooth board. Ventilation. Type : Shell color: 200mohm. Lithium ion battery. Modern. Darkfield compound microscope. Usb  fan. Meter weight: 

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