5Y Fushia AB Beautiful Sequins Ribbon Trim Craft Sewing Trimming New

skeweres 15mm, sport bag brown

Green Sequin

Wholesale ribbon violet. 4mm flat ab transparent. 10mm ab black with side hole. 6mm sequins roll. Wholesale sequin mix ab. Stitch cross fabric. 8mm  sequins. Bag women purple. 6mm flower matting green. Factory direct sale. Lp0219. Mix all star heart moon dot. A8-ls1022. 10mm flower sequins. Petals sequins. 2*3mm

Flakes Sequins

55mm flat. Cream mixed colors. 20mm flat light purple color 63#. D flat. 30mm flat. Cup rectangle. Cp1868. Wholesale astra h opel. Bibicola. 34-40. Wholesale keychain wire. Silver base assorted colors. Kid ru size: 5.1 inch bumper coque fundas carcasa capa para. 

4pcs Snowman

6*8mm shell green. 10mm flat side hole. 4mm dot colorful silver. Lp-01. Pvc dresses pink. Vovlora. Clothing sets: Floral pront. Size: Gold bead leaf. Sequined pink. 1500pcs/bag. 6mmx6mm. 

Flat Flower Sequin

12mm flower. Shoes with pearls women. Girls clothes set. Intimates accessories type: B47919. 15mm flat round 4#. 20mm sequins loose. About  25g. Hbj0986. Drill mix. B70754. 

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